Cherry Blossom Festival: Osaka’s Famous Hanami Celebration


Japan is known for many things, including its unique culture, delicious food and beautiful scenery. One of my favorite places in Japan is the city of Osaka and it’s famous cherry blossom festival. If you’ve ever wanted to visit a hanami (cherry blossom viewing party) then this list is for you!

Cherry blossom viewing parties are a popular springtime tradition.

The cherry blossom viewing parties are a popular springtime tradition. In Japan, there are more than 2 million cherry blossom trees and it is said that one in three people visit a park to see them bloom each year. The Japan Cherry Blossom Festival takes place every year in Osaka and features many different events such as music performances and food stands. Two parks where you can enjoy these festivities are Umeda Park and Namba Parks

The Japan Cherry Blossom Festival is held in Osaka every year.

The Japan Cherry Blossom Festival is held in Osaka every year. The dates for the 2018 festival are April 1-30, and it will be held at three different locations: Shin-Yakata Park, Sumiyoshi Park and Tsurugaoka Hachimangu Shrine.

The easiest way to get there is by train or bus; both leave from Umeda Station on the JR Line (about 15 minutes away). Trains run every 10 minutes during peak hours and every 20 minutes off-peak, so it shouldn’t take too long to get there! You can also take a taxi if you want–they’re pretty cheap!

Once you arrive at your destination, make sure that you wear something comfortable as well as colorful because this event attracts many people who love hanami parties just like yours does! We recommend wearing clothes that are easy enough so others won’t notice them too much when looking at other people’s outfits instead of yours 😉 Also remember not forget sunscreen since cherry blossoms tend not only attract us but also UV rays which could lead towards sunburns especially if exposed too long under direct sunlight conditions such as during daytime hours (9am – 5pm).

The festivals takes place in Umeda and Namba Parks.

Umeda Park and Namba Park are the two main venues for the festival. Umeda Park is in the middle of Osaka’s city center, so it’s easy to get to by train or subway. Namba Park is a smaller venue that’s closer to some of Osaka’s main train stations, making it ideal if you want to see some cherry blossoms while exploring other parts of the city.

The cherry blossom trees at these parks come into bloom at different times during this time period–Umeda Park has its first blossoms around April 3rd or 4th each year; Namba Park has its first blossoms around April 8th-9th each year

There are food stalls, live music and kimono-wearing waitresses to help you enjoy the festivities.

If you’re looking for a place to enjoy the cherry blossoms, there are many options in Osaka. The festival is a great opportunity to try traditional Japanese cuisine and experience some of the best food stalls in town. While it’s possible that you may not have heard of these dishes before, trust me when I say they’re delicious! In fact, one thing that makes this festival so special is its emphasis on local flavor and culture; all of the dishes served during this event are made with ingredients sourced directly from within Japan’s borders.

The live music at Hanami Festival also adds an extra layer of fun to your experience here–I recommend going early so that you can get settled before night falls!

It’s time to start planning your trip to Japan!

The Cherry Blossom Festival is held in March, and it’s a great way to experience Japanese culture. It’s also free to attend.

The festival is held in Umeda and Namba Parks, which are located in Osaka. You can enjoy the cherry blossoms while you’re there!


The Japan Cherry Blossom Festival is a great event for tourists to enjoy. It’s a chance to see some beautiful cherry blossoms and get a taste of Japanese culture at the same time. There are plenty of other things to do in Osaka too, so make sure you don’t miss out on them!