The Ultimate Culinary Tour Of Europe


While Europeans love nothing more than to travel around the continent, some of us prefer our vacations to be more stationary. While it might seem like you’d miss out on the best of Europe’s amazing cuisines by staying put, there are plenty of ways to experience them from your home. In fact, I’ve visited every region on this list at least once! So let me tell you about my favorite bits in each area…


Italian cuisine is famous for its pasta, pizza and gelato. It’s also associated with the Mediterranean diet, which emphasizes lots of fruits and vegetables (olives!) as well as fish and whole grains.

Italian food has become popular in the US over the past few decades–especially in New York City–and it’s easy to see why: Italian food offers a wide variety of flavors that can appeal to any palate. The same goes for Australia; while Italian cooking isn’t as prevalent there as it is here on our shores, there are still plenty of restaurants serving up delicious dishes like lasagna or ravioli with tomato sauce!


French cuisine is rich in history and tradition. It’s known for its regional diversity, as well as the use of sauces. The French love their butter and cream, which they pair with wine (and sometimes Champagne).


The Spanish are known for their love of dining, and it’s easy to see why. From tapas and paella to pork, chorizo and garlic–the country has one of the most diverse cuisines in Europe. Olives, cheese and ham are also popular ingredients in traditional Spanish dishes. Sherry is another staple ingredient used in cooking; it’s a fortified wine that can be served either as an apéritif or dessert drink (and sometimes both!).

If you’re looking for something a little different while traveling through Spain–or if you just want something new at home–try making some of these recipes:


Portugal is known for its seafood and has a rich history of contributing to world cuisine. Portuguese cuisine is influenced by the country’s history, which has been shaped by a variety of cultures and peoples, including the Phoenicians, Romans, Moors and the Portuguese themselves.

Portuguese cuisine has many different influences from around the world but one thing that unites them all is their love for good food! In this culinary tour we will go on a journey through Portugal’s most famous dishes such as Bacalhau (codfish), Alheira de Mirandela (game meat sausage), Arroz de Marisco (seafood rice) or Cataplana de Camaroeiro (clams stew).


  • Greek cuisine is rich in seafood and olive oil.
  • Greek food is famous for its yogurt and cheese.
  • Greek food is healthy, as it uses lots of fresh vegetables, fruits, grains and nuts.
  • As you might have guessed by now, Greek cuisine is also delicious!

You can enjoy the culinary wonders of Europe without leaving your home.

You can enjoy the culinary wonders of Europe without leaving your home.

  • Cook the food yourself.
  • Eat in a restaurant.
  • Cook with friends or family, who will no doubt be impressed with your skills!


While we can’t promise that your cooking will be as good as the dishes you sample in Europe, we do know one thing: it will taste better than anything you’ve ever had before.